B&B's in Mexico
Mexico is safer than other popular destinations in the world !
Mexico is huge, ranking 14th among the world's 249 countries and spanning over 2,000 miles from end to end. Mexico is a nation of 31 states as diverse as those in the U.S. and is larger than the the States from Texas to Maine. Imagining all of Mexico is dangerous because of isolated border violence would be like cancelling a vacation to Orlando because of the Boston Bombing.
Here are 10 reasons why Mexico is the place to be…..
People: The level of friendliness of the Mexican people is among the highest in the world. Everywhere you go someone will be willing to lend a helping hand. Here is one of my favorite highlights, which captures the friendly spirit of the Mexican people.
Visit Mexico on a wonderfull Chill Out Music (Video)
Marvelling at a 1300-year-old Maya palace at Palenque as parrots screech and howler monkeys growl in the sweaty emerald jungle around you. This is Mexico. Sliding from a palm-fringed sandy beach into the warm, turquoise waves of the Pacific at Puerto Vallarta. This, too, is Mexico. See what this country offers viewing this vidéo !
My Mexican Health Care Experience
Soon after I moved to Mexico, I cut my thumb slicing vegetables and had to go to the local emergency room for stitches. The doctor visit, plus three stitches, cost me $5. In New York, where I’d lived before, just my taxi to the clinic would have cost me more than that. This article comes to us courtesy of, the world’s leading authority on how to live, work, invest, travel, and retire better overseas.
Mexico – Best hotels and best places for weddings
Mexico is the top international country for a destination wedding from the US market. A first important reason is that connectivity from the US, Europe and Latin America is surprisingly efficient. Other important factors are Mexico's natural beauty with milliard perfect scenarios for picture perfect weddings: its history and cultural diversity, the existence of high quality infrastructure and services, capable of pleasing the most demanding, authentic or extravagant taste.
Veracruz Pre-Columbian Legacy
Gateway of Mexico to the world due to its geographic location, Veracruz has an invaluable historic wealth. This tropical land gave birth to the Olmec culture, the mother culture which influenced all of Mesoamerica, including the Maya and Aztec. The huge Olmec heads are their most important legacy. Meanwhile, Tajin, “city of thunder” is the imposing architectural legacy of the Totonac people and has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Gastronomy in Mexico
Mexican cuisine possesses a lot of ingredients. Mexico is a country rich in traditional dishes, some issued from old pre-Hispanic recipes. The Indian influence stays preponderant in this field. The products are numerous, abundant, rich and tasty. We owe Mexico numerous foods from Pre-Hispanic time like corn, cacao, beans, pineapples, avocado, pumpkins, vanilla, tomatoes and turkeys.
Mérida : Capital of the state of Yucatán (Video)
Named after the Iberian city of the county of Badajoz, known at the time of the Roman as Emerita Augusta, and regarded, later, as the Spanish Roma, Mérida, capital of the state of Yucatán, was founded on January, 06, 1542 by Francisco de Montejo. His own father founded Chichén Itzá 15 years earlier but the Indians made him leave.
Renting a car in Mexico: What you need to know
Renting a car in Mexico is much the same as renting in the United States, and you'll find most of the major players Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Budget, Thrifty, et al. as well as local companies, but navigating the country's notorious mandatory insurance can take some careful research.
Coast of Oaxaca – Puerto Escondido and Huatulco
This is a picturesque town with many bays lined with high mountain ranges covered with a dense tropical vegetation. It is known under the name of Costa Esmeralda (Emerald coast) because of the colors of the crystal waters contrasting with the fine white sand beaches. One of the first names given to Puerto Escondido was "Zicatela", name of one of the main beach of the harbor, which means, in Náhuatl: "Place where there are big thorns".
Hidalgo state and Pachuca, capital of the State
Hidalgo is a multicolor territory, surprising by its biodiversity, rich in history and traditions. Located in the east center of the country, it was at the crossroads of all the stories of Mexico, from pre-Columbian times, passing by the spasms of colonial history. Nowadays, Hidalgo is a modern and industrial state with fantastic touristic sites.
Yucatán – Archaeological sites of Chichén Itzá and Ek’Balam (Videos)
This is an archaeological site located in the state of Yucatán, 120 km (72miles) from Mérida on the Mérida-Cancun road. This sacred city was one of the biggest Maya sites of the Yucatán Peninsula. Throughout its almost one- thousand – year history, the city was embellished thanks to the contribution of different people. Mayas, Toltècs and Iztáes left the prints of their vision of the world and universe on the stones of the monuments and art works.
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